First of all, I have to direct you to the Lehigh Valley Storytelling Guild. Our "home" is Godfrey Daniels Listening Club in Bethlehem PA, one of the premiere rooms for music and the spoken word on the east coast. We hold three day festival in June called The Lehigh Valley Story Festival.

My Favorite Links
For those of you who like to read hundreds of e-mails the Sto
For those of you who are interested in using stories in education here is a word document called "Stories in the Classroom", which lists eight useful sites. You can click on the address to get to them. Exploring these sites will lead you to a wealth of information. (Comes up a little slowly.)
rytell listserv is for you. There is lots of conversation and good information. There is also difference of opinions, but that is a healthy thing. It is hosted by the National Storytelling Network. You can just "lurk" and not type a word.
If you are interested in storytelling there are two sites you need to check out: The National Storytelling Network and Here is all sorts of information on storytelling, including locating storytellers in your area. Also there are articles and pod casts, particularly on